How do you/Your Company raise brand awareness using social media

  • Make sure you have presence on all Social Media,
  • Maintain and update your business Page/Account professionally,
  • Use catchy Image ( Graphically enriched)
  • Write the post with interesting content
  • use industry relevant post
  • post must be released on Pick time(When maximum people may reach)
  • All posts should be aligned with same basic color/use your business logo+web address
  • create Facebook group with the facebook Fans. Encourage them to post if they are satisfy with your services or products
  • Ask for Review on your page
  • Encourage the fans to share your posts on their profile(Publicly)
  • arrange Contest and give away prize for the fans on monthly or occasionally
  • Get some advocate who are trustworthy may recommend your business on different Page & Groups and other places.
  • You ask your loyal fans to work as your business representative as Voluntarily( give 10/12 people admin power of your group). Who may help you in many ways. Give them reward on the basis of devotion/Integrity(By rotation without affecting your profit & business)
  • Related Facebook Groups may help if you or on behalf of your business(by disguise) suggest or endorse with your Page url/Web address or your Brand name.
Create Brand Awareness using Social Media
Create Brand Awareness using Social Media

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